WINNER OF THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUSTRALIA AWARD 2016 For Best Marketing & Promotional Campaign….

edawinner-logobeating off hundreds of other entries (some of them very big budget) to win the prestigious Econominc Development Australia Awards 2016 Best Marketing & Promotional Campaign. The reason? Well the judges said because of its honesty, integrity and down to earth nature. I am so chuffed with this!

The mini site is at

This is a part of an ongoing project I am doing with Regional Development Australia, Barossa. The idea is to explore the fact that everyday things that some people do, is extraordinary to other people. We were looking to do a project and as we were driving I saw a kangaroo bouncing alongside the car as we drove. I was so excited and said “Look there’s a kangaroo!”. Everyone else said “And…..?”

The Barossa region of South Australia is a unique place, most famous for its celebrated wines. The people there have  a real connection with the earth, the weather and a huge reliance on each other and community. It makes it a very special place.

I have a big connection with this part of South Australia, which started with a visit working on Totally Locally, and from there have worked on various projects.  I was commissioned to do Extraordinary, Everyday Barossa after RDA Barossa saw my cycling book “One More Hill”, which is really an exploration between people who cycle and the place they live. They liked the idea and asked me to propose a similar project for The Barossa region. This is the result.

The trailer for an exhibition of photos and film to celebrate the project – a part of the Barossa Vintage Festival 2017.

Here are some of the sound-slide interviews.

So these sound slides explores people of the Barossa’s lives, and shows the different businesses, and significant people that usually don’t get any press. Each in their own way, has an extraordinary life. Especially to a Yorkshireman!

The project is a Finalist in the Economic Development Australia Awards 2016. It will culminate in an exhibition at The Barossa Vintage Festival in 2017.


The Cooperative, Nooriupta, I believe,  is a world model for towns and regions. 18,000 members, supporting local businesses, encouraging new businesses, making a profit and ploughing that profit directly back into the community. Just amazing.



More to follow.