I was commissioned to undertake a full re brand for Stockton Riverside College and its associated sixth form college, SRC Bede Sixth Form. Based in Stockton-on-Tees and Billingham, the college didn’t have a great historic reputation but over the previous two years had really turned around, achieving an Ofsted Good, and an increasingly good reputation among students, businesses and local authorities. This year they achieved 100% student satisfaction, which puts the college in the top group of colleges across the UK.

The rebrand was undertaken to show that the college had changed, was now focused on the student (it always had been, but no one said anything!), and was all about the outcome for the student, and training them for future jobs.

We spoke to over 1,000 people to get the true picture of the college. We found out what they love about it, what the feeling of the place was like, and what made it tick. It turned out it was a caring, friendly place that would do anything for the student. The students felt it was ‘like a family’, they felt really safe and valued.

Whilst undertaking a re brand this big we would always burrow down to a few lines that sum up the organisation before we start on concepts. We did this here.

These became the official College Values.

• It’s All About You
• High Performing but with Heart
• Quietly Confident with Absolute Focus on Success
• Proud to Serve our Students and Communities
• Building Real Skills for Real Jobs
• Aspirational but with Humility

From these values we created the brand. The idea of the brand is to attract the people who would thrive in a college with these values, so their experience is good, and they will tell others, and the reputation will grow even more. To see the brand in action visit: www.stockton.ac.uk

I commisoned and art directed photography, worked with copywriters, liaised with sign makers, and presented to governors, students and staff.

Below is just a portion of the work we did.


  • Stockton Riverside College Prospectus




Brand Overview



Brand Guidelines 16


Brand Guidelines 23


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